Graphic Design

DEL | Jan 9, 2023 min read

In the wild swirl of memories, an undying love sprouted for the heavy blues of pen strokes and the hallucinatory techno of illustration software.



My most personal project, osteomics is a business dedicated to addressing issues in osteology. The logo was initially hand-drawn by me and later vectorized using Illustrator. I am particularly pleased with the website, which I crafted solely using R and the web-page rendering capabilities of the rmarkdown package.

logo head

Landpage; logotype; and favicon.

Osteomics is a project with the goal of simplifying and making osteology tools accessible to a wider audience.


My first site fully developed in R (a Hugo’s implementation via the blogdown package), was a simple static landpage-focused experience for a primatology international conference. “Our Primate Heritage, Our Primate Legacy - EFP/PSGB 2019” was held in Oxford from September 8 to 11, 2019. This was a very successful joint meeting of The European Federation for Primatology and the Primate Society of Great Britain, and besides my role as web master I was also part of the local organizing committee.


Although the original domain is no longer active, I maintain a legacy version of the page, accessible through



In 2016 and 2017 I was the web designer at the Junior Enterprise for Science and Tech. One of my main roles in JEST was to create a powerful brand image for the association.

first iteration of JEST website screeshot Jest Logo first iteration of the web site. Logotype concept uses the < > visual from the coding community while creating a double Diamonds aesthetics (JESTer), plus it also mimics the DNA Code visual models (all founding members were from the Life Sciences Department, UC).

Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology

I have proposed 4 different logotypes to the LFA. The last one was their favourite.

1 2
3 4

A) Vitruvian Skeleton; B) Spreading Caliper; C) 4 Pillars of biological profiling (being used now at Osteomics with slight alterations); D) Cranium network (had the most votes; was chosen by the LFA team

I am also the creator and manager of the lab’s website. Visit


The HOT Project has brought together a group of researchers interested in burnt bones and teeth. This logo was developed based on an earlier similar concept originally thought by David Gonçalves.

Pixel Art

In the haze of my adolescent years, a nebulous span between 14 and 15, I found myself entangled in the clandestine world of amateur international RPG (Role-Playing Games) projects. Within this enigmatic tapestry, I wove threads of creation, birthing a Pokémon fan-game: an obscure constellation in the vast and cryptic cosmos of my formative pursuits.

Dark Ball Light Ball Virtual Ball Tiny Ball Big Ball Farm Ball Great Farm Ball Ultra Farm Ball Electra Ball Flame Ball Ice Ball Jewell Ball Metal Ball Lunar Ball Ore Ball Primary Ball 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Ghostie Humpclops2 Kiwikou Koarbor Koalampur Nimbuclaus Ultian Parapanui 1 Eggs Swirkyandtwatypus Build07 Lab01 Build02 Build04

I also made a huge tileset with Pokémon graphics compatible with RPG Maker XP, you can download it here, it will take a while to load.