1 year of ORLA

João Pedro Valente | Nov 12, 2019 min read


ORLA is an etheral entity that emerged either within the depthness of blackholes or in the throat of Cthulhu eons ago.

Exactly 1 year ago, ORLA released an ambient sci-fi inspired project titled MASS, a cyclical exploratory journey through another universe. While mass increases, time does not exist: the journey never ends.

  1. Protostar
  2. White Dwarf
  3. Pulsar
  4. Strange Star
  5. SmBH

Composition: João Pedro Amorim (as ORLA)
João Bica (as Crouga) took part in the creation of “Pulsar” and “Strange Star”
Editing: Otávio Crespo
Mix & Master: Z G A

I created the video-album version of this album (click above!) using only freely available material from the Public Domain.

Below, more tracks featuring ORLA:

You can buy his album on his BandCamp. Support your local artists!

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