DXAGE paper about age estimation from bone mineral density

João d'Oliveira Coelho | Sep 10, 2017 min read

We have a new scientific article out. It discusses how bone mineral density correlates with age, and thus can be used to model age at death from human remains. We employed artificial neural networks, a simple machine learning technique, to learn patterns of femur densitometric data gathered in 100 female individuals from the Coimbra Identified Skeletal Collection. The mean error of the method, depending on the variables used, ranged from 9.19 to 13.49 years. It is also the first publication about the DXAGE app that was developed with the cooperation with some team members from the Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology, UC. Despite preliminary, and only indicated for skeletal remains of adult females, it shows a very original approach for bioarchaeologists and forensic anthropologists to assess age at death.

Congrats to my peers.

DXAGE: A New Method for Age at Death Estimation Based on Femoral Bone Mineral Density and Artificial Neural Networks

D. Navega, J. d’Oliveira Coelho, E. Cunha, F. Curate

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/1556-4029.13582

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