I've finished a knowledge tree in Duolingo

João Pedro Valente | Apr 26, 2017 min read

Congrats to me!

I have finally finished a full tree of knowledge in Duolingo. This means there are not any new games for me to try, with this language in specific, in the platform. Yet, Danish sure is a difficult language, while I can somewhat read it now, it’s still really hard to understand by listening. I’ve watched a few series and listened to a few audiobooks to improve that, yet…

danish is conqueres
Duolingo team celebrates with you.

Well, just wanted to share this little achievement. By the way, you can add me as your friend and check my general scores in all languages:

delvispresley @ duoling

No doubts, one of my favorite sites on the web. Knowledge offered for free is the greatest thing ever!

“Hvis man fortier et spøgelse, vokser det sig større” - grønlandsk ordsprog