The first 3D visual database of burnt bones

João d'Oliveira Coelho | Oct 6, 2015 min read

My thesis, titled Unwarping Heated Bones: A Quantitative Analysis of Heat-Induced Skeletal Deformations Using 3D Geometric Morphometrics has spawn many fruits that are not a direct outcome of the quantitative analysis. In a open-science philosophy for further developing the global interest into the field of heat-altered osteology, during the next days I will be sharing with you most of what I have done during the last year. Ultimately, the full body of my thesis, as well as the data, will be available here on my personal page and in others, such as the HOT Project webpage which already counts with many interesting theses and articles by other colleagues.

Interactive 3D meshes of humeri

Below, you will find humeri in pairs of before and after experimental burning, respectively. You can click to interact with the 3D object and expand these to full screen. Currently you can zoom, rotate and move the mesh, as well as share this meshes on other media, such as Facebook.

CEIXXI 05, right humerus, female individual.

CEIXXI 53, right humerus, female individual.

The full gallery, with a total of 38 interactive 3D meshes of humeri can be found at LFA 3D collections.