Hello World!

jcoelho | Oct 5, 2015 min read

Hello folks! I am back to the world of web development with this combination of a personal blog + portfolio-style page. The focus, as you can see is clearly on content. To help on that, the menu has been collapsed into a floating square at the upper-left corner. However in the menu is where you can find all the neat stuff. This will include my endeavors in anthropology, business, web design, and programming. Some stuff is already there, so check it if you feel like it. :)

The main reason for starting jcoelho.com is that I have stuff scattered all over the web and old disks. Much has been lost over the years. So from now on, I will be moving all my works into this new home, as time allows me.

Another point I’d like to state is that having an opportunity to take some rust out of my HTML and CSS skills is something that I heavily took into consideration as well. Advancing my skills in javascript and Ruby, as a starter in both, is also a plus. Until now I’ve only played around with RGSS (a variation of Ruby), when I was really young and was trying to create some Role Playing Games. Moreover, the foundations of this site are product of Jekyll and everything is hosted in GitHub, so this is definitely the time and context for it.

Of course all that has been said are just motivational drivers. What I truly hope to accomplish here, is to recover a writing routine and become even more productive through peer pressure.

Yours truly,