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I do rhyme once in a while, in portuguese - my mother tongue, under the alias of DEL. This schizophrenic fictional character also has over 20 heteronyms, some of those (e.g. delvispresley, g-elo, etc.) have realeased some tracks already.

g-elo ᑕᓪᕙᓗ kaoru starkid ⤕ da qaniɣ à aniɣu

This EP, released on September (2017), contains 4 songs, per order:

  • INTR0ºC
  • a noite encobre o gavial
  • ß-endorfina ≠ Μνημοσύνη
  • ᐃᓄᐃᑦ, ou “As Pessoas”

All poetry by: João Coelho

All instrumentals by: Carlos André Fonseca

All mixed by: José Guilherme Almeida


Διογένης, ou "Diogenes"

Poetry: João Coelho

Beat and Piano: Carlos André Fonseca

Synths and Irish Bouzouki: João Pedro Amorim

Mixed by: José Guilherme Almeida

αxioma do sintoμa

Poetry: João Coelho

Instrumental: Carlos André Fonseca

Mixed by: José Guilherme Almeida

Solipsismo a Dois

Poetry: José Guilherme Almeida (up to 2:34), João Coelho (from 2:34 on)

Instrumental: José Guilherme Almeida


Poetry: João Coelho

Instrumental: José Pinto

Ensaio de autoparasitologia

Poetry: João Coelho

Instrumental: José Guilherme Almeida