Graphic Design

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For as long as memory allows me to dive in I’ve had an inordinate fondness for drawing and playing around with illustration software.


I am a webdesigner at Junior Enterprise for Science and Tech.

JEST, page design. Logotype concept uses the '< >' visual from the coding community while creating a double Diamonds aesthetics (JESTer), plus it also mimics the DNA Code visual models.

Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology

I have proposed 4 different logotypes to the LFA. The last one was their favourite.

A) Vitruvian Skeleton; B) Spreading Caliper; C) 4 Pillars of biological profiling (being used now at Osteomics with slight alterations); D) Cranium network (had the most votes; was chosen by the LFA team

I am also the creator and manager of the lab’s website. Visit

My most personal project, osteomics is a business focused in solving problems related to osteology. The logo was first hand-draw, then vectorized with a computer.

Osteomics is a project aiming to change osteology on a world-wide panorama.


The HOT Project has brought together a group of researchers interested in burnt bones and teeth. This logo was developed based on an earlier similar concept originally thought by David Gonçalves.

To read more about the HOT Project, click here.

Scientific Posters

One of the stuff I enjoy the most is to design scientific posters that are clean, minimalist and easily convey useful info to the public in conferences.

Scientifc posters for international conferences.

Pixel Art

When I was around 14~15 years old I collaborated in the development of amateur RPG (Role-Playing Games) international projects, including a Pokémon fan-game.

Pixel art

I also made a huge tileset with Pokémon graphics compatible with RPG Maker XP, you can download it here, it will take a while to load.