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One seeks the unknown,
In science and spirit’s depths,
Quest for higher worlds.

But skeptics abound,
This path they deem impossible,
Closed minds block the way.

Yet, deep in our souls,
Questions linger without answers,
Yearning for the truth.

A truth that transcends,
Mere senses and worldly bounds,
Supersensible realms.

To understand this,
One must embrace inner work,
Meditate and seek.

For cognition’s strength,
Not bound to the body’s grasp,
Inward journey starts.

Like the eye’s vision,
Enhanced through instruments’ aid,
Soul’s power can grow.

A realm veiled from the senses,
Inner sight required.

Though words may fall short,
Glimpses of Saturn’s, Sun’s, Moon’s,
Alchemical tale.

Each story distinct,
In description and in tone,
Seeking to convey.

Perception’s unfold,
A fractal from self to world,
Universal truth.

Not mystic alone,
Objective truths they unveil,
Striving for the light.

In this haiku’s words,
No need for labels or names,
Truth’s pursuit is key.

For hostile words cast,
Do not diminish the quest,
Independent search.

And so, we conclude,
With thoughts of truth and seeking,
In this spiral’s wake.

Fission’s hidden lore,
Pyramid’s enigmatic core,
Ancient secrets soar.

Uranium’s grace,
In chambers deep, a secret place,
Time’s isotopic embrace.

Silent granite tomb,
Whispers of a nuclear bloom,
Ancient reactor’s womb.

Isotopes confined,
In pyramids, a secret bind,
Plutonium-239 within.

Empire in decay,
In sarcophogus, they lay,
Mysteries of those days.

Radiation’s trace,
Hidden in that sacred space,
Of Mars’s Pharaoes.

Ancient riddles kept
In stone, a cosmic code,
Gizeh sci-fi show.

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